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Veliky Novgorod Tour

Veliky Novgord (Novgorod the Great) is one of the oldest cities of Russia, founded in the 9th c.

The history of Novgorod is closely connected to all major events in the history of medieval Russaia.

Till 15 century,when Novgorod was annexed by Moscow , it remained centre of a powerful republic which controlled vast territories  from  Scandinavia  to Siberia.

Novgorod was one of the greatest cultural centers which created its own unique schools of

architecture, icon-painting, decorative art.

On a day tour to Novgorod you will see St.Sophia cathedral, the oldest surviving Russian stone monument and the Kremlin of Novgorod,the oldest in Russia, the famous monument “The Millenium of Russia” (1862), walk around the Yaroslav’s Court open-air architectural museum with its 11th -17th c.churches , visit St.George Monastery  (12th c.) and open-air “Vitoslavlitsy” museum of Russian genuine wooden architecture.

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