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Tsars and Revolutionaries Tour

This theme is dedicated to such fundamental changes in the history of Russia as the reforms of Peter the Great (at the beginning of the 18th century) and the October 1917 Revolution, and to the people who personified those changes and who tried - successfully or not - to change the history of Russia.

We will focus on Peter I (the Great), both the Emperor and the revolutionary,  dwell on Catherine II (Catherine the Great) and the “epoch of palace coups d’etat”, Alexander II and his Abolition of Serfdom, and Nicholas II and his Constitution, followed by his abdication and the end of the Russian Empire.

The history of the revolutionary movement will include the appearance of the first Russian revolutionary party “People’s Will” (1867) with its desperate “hunting the Csar”, the preparation for the February 1917 bourgeois revolution, Kerensky and the Provisional Government, the Russian Bolshevism, Lenin, Trotsky. We will focus on the facts and myths of October 1917 and touch upon its consequences.

During this tour we will visit the Peter and Paul’s Fortress which used to be high security political jail,see the Cabin of Peter the Great, the Cruiser “Aurora.

The tour can include the inside visit to the Museum of Political History .

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